Social Anxiety - 6 Tips on how to cope when it feels like it's all too much.

Social Anxiety happens to pretty much EVERYONE.

And its isn't "OMG i hate people lol I wish i was sleeping and watching Netflix".

Its " I want to desperately be able to hang out with people but i hate the feeling of sheer panic i get around them, so i don't / can't and it eats away at me every day so i end up just staying home and say i'm sleeping or watching something."

Below are 6 simple ways to silence that inner critic and help you feel more confident and in control in a social environment.

Start Challenging your Thinking. We are our own harshest critic. Give yourself a break and don't let those thoughts take over. ✅ Talk to More People. You don’t have to go up to a complete stranger and force yourself to be super uncomfortable.Instead, practice talking to your friends or family.. ✅Practice Relaxation Techniques Take deep, long breaths and focus on calming your body down. This will help you regain control over your reactions, and lessen your anxiety. ✅Stay Mindful. Always work on staying in the present moment. Be aware of what is around you. Anxiety will take you to a completely different reality if you let it. ✅Let go of Perfection Work on letting go trying to be perfect. This will allow you to accept yourself for who you are, flaws and all. It will take work to let go of those things, but it will allow you to relax more and enjoy your life more. ✅Don't let your fears hold you back. The only way to truly overcome your anxiety is by not letting fear hold you back, and stepping out of your comfort zone.Try doing things, despite how terrifying it may feel. You never know, you might surprise yourself!

If you would like help overcoming your own battle with social anxiety, why not give hypnosis a go? Contact Clinical Hypnotherapy Centre on 0412 506 360 and we can discuss a solution best suited to you.

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