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if you truly want to change your life,
you must be first willing to change your mind

Sigmund Freud


A Bit About Hypnotherapy

What happens in a Hypnotherapy session?

Hypnosis is a natural state of absorption, and one that we all commonly experience in our day-to-day lives. It may surprise you to find that you have experienced a form of hypnotic trance in a number of areas of your life, for example; when you are daydreaming or staring into the distance, prompting someone to say ‘a penny for your thoughts’; or when becoming so involved in reading a good book in a busy café that you don’t notice the noise of people talking around you; or when driving on ‘auto pilot’, distracted by thoughts of other things and finding yourself arriving at your destination without conscious awareness of the trip. All of these common situations of deep immersion in an experience are in fact hypnotic states
In a hypnotherapy session the relaxation that evolves allows you to access a state of heightened awareness and insight. The normally busy thinking chatter of your conscious mind is replaced by an expansive awareness and quiet centredness in both mind and body, allowing you to access your own inner wisdom.

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I can’t sing Sara’s praises enough , I have had an extremely unhealthy relationship with soft drink for as long as I can remember, always wanting to give up and failing time and time again. It had become like a dirty secret how many cans I’d drink a day sometimes up to 10 cans of full sugar coke . After my first session I was well on my way . I can proudly say I don’t drink it anymore plus there has been the weight loss which has just happened without trying. Thanks Sara I think your amazing

Kylie H - Carlton

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